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Test Report 2013
by deano on 4/23/2013
Just a test
Last Weekend
by deano on 5/23/2012
Guided this weekend and what a good day we had. Boated 20 eyes using slip floats and leeches and crank baits. We caught a little more than half out on the humps and the rest we caught on weeds using sinking Rapalas. Fish were 12 to 18.5 inches. Fished for eyes on the humps today and caught 7 eyes between 14 and 17.5" using slip floats and leeches. Deano Conditions: Sunny Air Temp: 66° - 70° F Water Temp: 61° - 65° F
May15th, Sunny
by deano on 5/16/2012
Fished yesterday and today for eyes again. Yesterday I caught 4 eyes with 18" being the biggest. Released it with a 14, 15 and 16.5" . Ended early to find a few new spots on the east side. Found eyes on a 12ft point and also had on a 18" ish smally. Fished today From 10am til 2pm for eyes. We started out good with an 18" er and lost a couple and released a 12"er. Moved on after no more action. We hit a few more stops and nothin. wind was blowin hard out of the north and north west. End up on a hump that produced 5 fish. four keepers and one at 13". Wind died down a lot. Deano
Guided for Walleye
by deano on 5/10/2012
Guided today for walleye. Was slow but we managed 4 Keepers and threw 3 small eyes back. We fished from 11am til 3:30pm. Caught fish though out the afternoon. Also kept a 10 and 12" crappies. Got the eyes on slip floats and leeches set at 12 to 14 ft. Fished humps and cribs. Caught the crappie on the cribs. Walleyes we kept were 16" to 19". A few gills were out on the Cribs and humps.
Morning of May 5th
by deano on 5/5/2012
Guided a half day from 9am til 1pm. We started out deep and caught a few small eyes. We then took up casting rods and tried our luck with stick baits in shallow only producing northerns and bass. Went back to the deep water and had our best luck in 18fow. We boated 7 eyes only keepiing two a 15 and a 21 incher. A 28.5 inch and a 26 incher were caught out of Sisko's that ive heard of so far.
Morning of May 4th
by deano on 5/4/2012
Was out on the lake yesterday and found temps in the mid 50s to 60. Saw lots of gills in shallow with some bass and one nice Musky. Bog moved around by Siskos leaving parts behind. Caution when you boat around there.
Afternoon of April 26
by deano on 4/26/2012
Fished with Hurricane today for crappie and like the other day took a couple spots and we found them. Downed timber was the trick today and plastics . Used a bobber today with red and white tube jig. We kept about 25 or so. Fun day! Gimp caught a 31 inch northern on light tackle.
Afternoon of April 25
by deano on 4/25/2012
Fished yesterday for an hour and a half for crappie. I check two spots before I found them. Found a back bay that got up to 54 degrees. Caught crappies and northerns in 6-8ft of water with old weeds. Water level is high but normal for this time year. Crappies were 9.5 - 11 inches and the northerns were small. Caught all fish on plastics.
First Fish Report
by Asteryx on 1/1/2012
Testing create fish report on live site.
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